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Greater impact is made from directing energy in precisely the right place. The “right place” is for teachers and administrators and as a result-positive impact is made on the MOST important clients-the STUDENTS. EdGuru has the right focus.
Leanne Shay
From Australia
In our pursuit to improving student outcomes by raising attainment or demonstrating student progress, a contributing factor can be the experience of our educators. EdGuru provides effective training that targets the needs of all educators. It upskills and empowers learners in order to have greater impact in any educational environment. EdGuru is “Learning with purpose in order to have IMPACT”
David Tito-Nekeare
From New Zealand
EdGuru is an all-inclusive platform where educators worldwide can peruse and use to improve all aspects of their employees professional careers. The idea is that online professional development can be dome in the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world and at your own pace. The material is made to cater to school needs or as specific as catering to the individual needs of the teacher, with an easy to use system. EdGuru makes it easy for those educators who are not tech savvy, to be comfortable enough to engage in their own learning. EdGuru is equipped with professional staff to coach you through any queries you might have.
Donovan Patterson
From Canada
EdGuru, a complete online platform, allows educators globally to use their time more efficiently to fine tune their skills. They have a lot of choice on what resources to interact with. Because the resources are relevant, educators then can have meaningful dialogue with each other in their professional learning communities within their building and globally with colleagues in other countries. The platform plants a seed and leads to deep discussion about how a strategy is working and how to improve. With this new wave of digital learning, educators might have a difficult tie using new technology. EdGuru is very easy to use.
Pansy Walker
From United States