GURU to GURU: Peer Observation

Attendance: Enrolled/Present/Absent
Teacher's Name:
Type In ClassVirtual
Lesson Title/Topic/Learning Outcome:
StandardsCriteriaEvaluation's Levels
Attendance and Participation
Learners participate and interact in discussions and various activities throughout the learning process.YesNo
Learners are highly motivated to learn.YesNo
Learners demonstrate confidence and interact appropriately with the teacher and their peers.YesNo
    Planning and Application (The Teacher)
    Has lesson plans that support the learning outcome and the lesson being taughtYesNo
    Implements various teaching strategies and uses resources that meet the diverse needs of the learners, including academically challenged and gifted learnersYesNo
    Utilizes enrichment resources that support the learning outcomes that the student can download and benefit from laterYesNo
    Adapts and implements educational activities consistent with the required learning outcomes in order to enhance students' learning skillsYesNo
      Learning Opportunities
      All learners have appropriate opportunities to learn, contribute to the lesson, and interact with the teacher and their peers throughout the lesson.YesNo
      Learners are engaged in activities that develop higher level thinking skills.YesNo
      Learners effectively use electronic applications during the learning process.YesNo
        Services and Online Learning Activities
        The teacher is flexible, accommodates students, and adjusts to situations as they arise.YesNo
        The teacher uses teaching strategies and implements targeted activities that suit students' abilities and potential.YesNo
          Student Learning
          Suitable programs and interactive applications that measure student learning and understanding are implemented.YesNo
          Learners are given constructive feedback that improves their progess and performance throughout the learning process.YesNo

            Effective Strategies Observed