ED OBSERVE: Admin Evaluation / Observation

Attendance: Enrolled/Present/Absent
Teacher's Name:
Type In ClassVirtual
Lesson Title/Topic/Learning Outcome:
StandardsCriteriaEvaluation's Levels 5- Highest 4- Very Good 3- Good 2- Acceptable 1- Weak
Attendance and Participation
Learners are on time for class.54321
Learners commit to appropriate behavior throughout the entire learning process.54321
Learners participate and interact in discussions and various activities throughout the learning process.54321
Learners are highly motivated to learn.54321
Learners demonstrate confidence and interact appropriately with the teacher and their peers54321
    Planning and Application (The Teacher)
    Has a lesson plan that is comprehensive and written to achieve the desired learning outcomes according to an appropriate time distribution54321
    Uses various teaching strategies and learning platforms that meet the diverse needs and learning styles of the learners54321
    Utilizes enrichment resources that support the learning outcomes that the student can download and benefit from later54321
    Uses digital technology with high efficiency to help students achieve the learning outcomes54321
    Implements active learning techniques to ensure learners are fully engaged in learning54321
    Employs modern technologies to allow learners to achieve higher levels of online maturity54321
    Adapts and modifies the educational curriculum to meet the needs of all students, including academically challenged and gifted students54321
    Adapts and implements educational activities consistent with the required learning outcomes in order to enhance students' learning skills54321
    Manages the teaching and learning process effectively and facilitates students mastering learning outcomes54321
    Engages in and contributes to ongoing professional learning within school and beyond54321
    Collaborates productively with colleagues and contributes to the school community54321
    Establishes and maintains effective communication with students’ parents / guardians54321
    Partners with students’ parents / guardians to coordinate learning between home and school54321
      Learning Opportunities
      All learners have learning opportunities that are compatible with their abilities throughout the lesson.54321
      Learners receive continuous learning on LMS ( activities, tasks, assignments ).54321
      Learners show obvious progress in knowledge and skills related to learning outcomes54321
      Learners are engaged in activities that develop higher level thinking skills.54321
      The teacher provides full support for the learners throughout the lesson.54321
      Learners demonstrate the capability of optimal use of electronic applications during the learning process.54321
      Learners demonstrate the ability to relate and connect what they have learned in their daily lives and in other subjects to the lesson.54321
        Services and Online Learning Activities
        The lesson is based on clear guidelines for activities in order to achieve the targeted learning outcomes.54321
        The teacher is flexible and implements various teaching strategies and targeted activities that suit students' abilities and potential.54321
        Distance learning services and activities are related to the main content of the subject materials.54321
        The teacher effectively utilizes a variety of online resources that support the learning outcomes.54321
        The teacher does continuous evaluation throughout the teaching process (formal, informal, initial, formative, and summative assessments).54321
        The teacher provides the learners with constructive feedback that improves their progress and performance throughout the learning process.54321

          Areas of Strength
          Areas for Improvement