Are your Student Assessment Strategies Effective

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Teachers spend hours each day teaching, instructing, and helping their students comprehend academic material. While students may have a knack for learning and quickly understand the information presented to them, other students may find it challenging to learn and comprehend certain academic concepts.

There are several reasons students may perform poorly or have little academic growth. The students could be at fault if they do not study, or if they do not make a sincere effort to learn. The teachers could be to blame if they do not adequately teach, or if they do not understand how to teach their students in the way that makes learning meaningful.

To avoid deficient performance in the classroom, teachers should regularly assess the progress of their students through quizzes, tests, and other means. If teachers do not adequately know how to interpret these results, however, they will not be able to help their students. To better evaluate their assessment strategies, teachers can use the following concepts:




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